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World Series of Poker and GGPoker are joining forces to launch the first-ever room, exclusively in Ontario.

Players who currently have an Ontario-registered GGPoker account will have their account automatically migrated to along with their cash, T$, C$, and ticket balances.

Most asked question:
Am I eligible for the Welcome Bonus?
Yes! This is a brand new poker room, meaning all players, including those migrating from GGPoker will receive the welcome bonus!

What is
World Series of Poker Canada is a new online poker room serving Ontario, Canada.

Is different from GGPoker?
Yes. However, is powered by GGPoker, meaning the software, features, and promotions will remain similar.

I live in Ontario. Do I have to migrate my GGPoker account?
Yes. All Ontario-registered accounts will automatically be migrated to GGPoker will no longer operate in Ontario.

Can I still play at GGPoker?
GGPoker will no longer operate in Ontario when launches. If you are physically located outside of Ontario, you can play on GGPoker if it is available in your location.

Will my GGPoker account be migrated to
Players with Country = Canada and Province = ON are targeted for migration to

Starting on September 19th, players who are targeted for migration will be prompted to a pre-onboarding flow in their GGPoker game client. If you receive this pop-up, your account will be migrated to

If you no longer reside in Ontario and your account has been targeted for migration please contact with your latest address information.

Can I play outside of Ontario?
No. will only operate in Ontario.

Can I have a account and a GGPoker account?
Yes. They will be separate accounts. You can play when you are in Ontario and GGPoker when you are outside of Ontario and physically located in an area where GGPoker operates. You are not required to have the same screen name.

How can I play on
After launches.

Current GGPoker Players (“I have an existing GGPoker account”):
1. Log in to GGPoker
2. Follow the prompts to download the new game client
3. Log in to client using your GGPoker credentials
4. Accept Terms & Conditions
5. If necessary, enter required personal information for verification

Players without a GGPoker account will need to download the game client from the website and create a new account.

What happens to my GGPoker balances?
Cash, C$, and T$ balances will all be exchanged from USD to CAD using the exchange rate at the time of migration and then transferred to your account.

What happens to my unused tournament tickets?
Tournament tickets will be converted to the equivalent value of T$ and transferred to your account.

What happens to my current GGPoker promotions?
They will be terminated, but all players migrating to will be able to take advantage of all of the new player promotions being offered at

What happens to my uncollected Fish Points / Rewards (Platinum)?
Uncollected Fish Points will be applied to your Fish Buffet account to determine your final Fish Buffet Rank. Uncollected rewards will be credited to your wallet prior to migration.

What happens to my uncollected Fish Points (Non-Platinum)?
Uncollected Fish Points will be applied to your Fish Buffet account to determine your final Fish Buffet Rank. Unopened wheel spins will automatically be opened and credited to your account prior to migration.

My GGPoker account is verified. Will I remain verified on
Players will be required to input additional personal details as required according to Ontario regulations. Some players may be requested to provide a valid photo ID as well.

My GGPoker account is not verified. What will happen when the migration occurs?
Upon your first login to, you will be prompted to upload a photo ID and fill in some personal details in order to verify your account, which is a requirement for all players in Ontario.

Below is a list of the types of photo identification that are acceptable:

For International Residents (including USA):

  • Driver's Licence
  • Passport
  • NEXUS Card
  • Global Entry Card

For Canadian Citizens and Canadian Permanent Residents:

  • Citizenship Card (Issued prior to 2012)
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Provincial or Territorial Identity Card
  • Provincial Services Card
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status

Note: Provincial Health Card cannot be accepted as a photo ID Card.

What happens to my pending withdrawals on GGPoker?
All pending withdrawals will be processed prior to migration.

What deposit and withdrawal options are available on

  • Interac
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • LuxonPay
  • MuchBetter
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